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Question 1

Complete this sentence according to your knowledge:

In football, the players must _____ the ball.

Select one:

a. move
b. kick Yes, this is the correct word !!!
c. catch

The correct answer is: kick

Question 2

What is the listening about? Select the correct answer.

Select one:

a. About electronic bikes  
b. it is about bicicling  correct
c. about mountain bike
d. It is about moto bikes

The correct answer is: it is about bicicling

Question 3

Choose the correct option according to the context:

Sir Jhon Mclaren ______ a very _____ and beautiful castle.

Select one:

a. has / big Yes, this is correct. This is the right selection of words.
b. have / tall
c. is / small

The correct answer is: has / big

Question 4

Complete the sentence according to the place in the picture:

I want to go to __________________.

Select one:

a. the new amusement park Yes, this is correct.
b. an exhibition of art in Mexico
c. the english institute downtown.
d. the museum of gold in Panaca

The correct answer is: the new amusement park

Question 5

Choose the correct answer:

Hello, I’m Peter, nice to meet you.

Select one:

a. My name is Richard, nice to meet you too.  Yes, this is correct.
b. Nice to see you Peter, I’m Richard
c. Hi Peter, meet you too

The correct answer is: My name is Richard, nice to meet you too.

Question 6

What's the right verbal form to complete this sentence?

My friend Emily _______ to go to the beach.

Select one:

a. wantes
b. wants Yes, she wants to go to the beach. This is correct.
c. do wants

Question 7

Choose the correct option according to the context:

Richard and Rachel _______ (50%) play X-BOX 360 on Saturdays.

Select one:

a. always
b. never
c. sometimes Yes, according to a 50%, it is "sometimes"

The correct answer is: sometimes

Question 8

Choose the right option to complete this question:

Can ___________ come to my party?

Select one:

a. Somebody 
b. Anybody Yes, this is correct.
c. Everybody
d. Nobody

The correct answer is: Anybody

Question 9

Choose the correct option.
A: Do John and Alicia like playing Poker?
B: ____, _________

Select one:

a. Yes, they doesn't
b. Yes, they are
c. Yes, they do Correct. Well done.

The correct answer is: Yes, they do

Question 10

What's the place you are looking for according to the context of this sentence?
I want to go to the ___________ to fly in an airplane.

Select one:

a. pool
b. airport Yes, go and have fun then !!!
c. park

The correct answer is: airport

Question 11

The sound [oU] is found in the word _____.

Select one:

a. no  Yes, that's the right sound.
b. you
c. ball

The correct answer is: no

Question 12


The expression under the one you can say that you had a different behavior or habit in the past but it doesn ́t do that anymore is?

Select one:

a. Used to be
b. Past Simple
c. Use to be.  Yes, this is correct.
d. Past perfect  

The correct answer is: Used to be

Question 13

Choose the correct option according to the context:

Andrew and Clara are very different. They ____ enjoy doing the same things.

Select one:

a. don’t Yes, this is the right form according to the case. Correct !!!
b. isn’t
c. aren’t

The correct answer is: don’t

Question 14 

What's the correct option to complete this question?

_____ Peter enjoy his job?
Yes, he ______. He really loves it.

Select one:

a. Do / is
b. Does / does Yes these are the correct auxiliaries to use !!!
c. Don't / does

The correct answer is: Does / does

Question 15

Complete the following sentences with the negative form of the verb TO BE People _______ usually on time for their appointments. They’re a little late

Select one:

a. am't
b. isn’t
c. aren’t

The correct answer is: aren’t  Yes, this is correct.

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