Complete the sentences by typing just a word.

1. Excuse me, I want to make an appointment with Dr. Blunt fornext Thursday at 4 pm.

2. Ann and Peter love being vacations because they lovetaking pictures.

3. I want to do an interview this Saturday.

4. Lauren is going to perform for a job in a clothing store.

5. Joan has a full-time job so she is never at home forlunch from Monday to Friday.

6. When Patricia was in school, her favorite subject wasGeography.

7. My favorite restaurant has to have twenty people fortheir new restaurant at the mall.

8. Victor is very tired today because he only slept threehours last night.

9. Today I’m very nervous because I have to take my drivingtest.

10. Vicky is going to travel to Paris from New York. It’s only 6 hoursbecause it is a non-stop flight


Pregunta 2


Read the following phone conversation between two friends and choose the correct options to complete it.

MARK: Hey, Katie! Are you going to Sam’s party tonight?

KATIE: Hi… I don’t think I [ going ] go. I am not feeling so [ well ]


MARK: Are you serious? It is going to be so good! Everybody is going tobe there… Come on, please go! You can stay just for a little bit… You [ don’t have to ] stay all night.

KATIE: Oh, Mark… You know I was sick all week. After [feeling ] so ill, I think the best I can do is rest asmuch as I can.

MARK: You’re right, you [ should ] rest and getbetter. By the way, did you go to the hospital last week?

KATIE: I did. After four hours in the emergency room, the doctor [ have given ] me some pills and sent me home. Itwasn’t the best.

MARK: I know what you mean. Since it is flu season, ERs all over townwork [ more slowly] than usual.

KATIE: Yeah. The only good thing about it was that I saw very cutedoctors while I [ was waiting] for my name to be called.

MARK: Hahaha! Well, at least you looked at the bright side. Anyway, incase you change your mind, the party [ is going to start ] at8:00 o’clock. Sam has a bunch of party activities prepared for us.

KATIE: I’ll let you know. Listen, I’ll call you later; [ I’m waiting ] for a call from my father and I need to freethe line. Talk to you soon!

Pregunta 3


Listen to some phone messages with directions; then, read the sentences and choose the correct option to complete them.

1. She received the birthday card and the message [ that morning ] .

2. She is having a party for [ her very good friends ] .

3. The party is at [ her cousin’s home ] .

4. The party is on [ Saturday ] .

5. The second phone call was received at [ 5:15 pm ]

6. To get to the party, drive [ straight on Forest Road] .

7. The motorway exit you need is [ 13A ] .

8. The house is the first big house [ on the left ] .

9. If you go by public transport, take [ bus 80 to Brownsville ] .

10. If you take a bus, [ somebody will drive you to the party ] .

Pregunta 4


Read the text and indicate if the sentences are True (T) or False (F).

1. The first visit to the club is free. [ TRUE ]

2. Everybody gets the same training plan. [ False ]

3. At this gym, you always do exercise with an expert instructor. [ False ]

4. If you stop your membership, you don't have to pay anything. [ TRUE ]

5. This gym says it's the best value for money. [ TRUE ]

6. At this gym, they don’t want you to feel part of the community. [ False ]

7. Nutrition classes cost a little bit extra. [ False ]

8. The gym is open at 4 o'clock in the morning. [ TRUE ]

9. You have to wait a lot of time to use the equipment you need.   [ False ]

10. The gym is outside of town. [ False ]

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