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Feedback Excellent exercise. It can be said that you took advantage of the previous course. You could manage to remember the vocabulary, the structures, reading skills and use of language of course English A1. You will not have any problems to keep going ahead in the course

Question 1

Select the correct answer according to the reading. Hommer S. Homer and his wife Marge have three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. As the family's provider, he works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer embodies several American working class stereotypes: he is crude, bald, overweight, incompetent, clumsy, lazy, a heavy drinker, and ignorant; however, he is essentially a decent man and fiercely devoted to his family. Despite the suburban blue-collar routine of his life, he has had a number of remarkable experiences. Homer is one of the most influential characters in the history of television. 

The British newspaper The Sunday Times described him as "the greatest comic creation of [modern] time". He was named the greatest character "of the last 20 years" in 2010 by Entertainment Weekly, was ranked the second greatest cartoon character by TV Guide, behind Bugs Bunny, and was voted the greatest television character of all time by Channel 4 viewers. For voicing Homer, Castellaneta has won four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance and a special-achievement Annie Award. In 2000, Homer and his family were awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

the word "CLUMSY" can be replaced for...

Select one:

a. a smart person
b. a person who loves animals
c. a person who is always drinking
d. a person with not skills. awkward Correct

The correct answer is: a person with not skills. awkward

Question 2

This is a reading question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.
Reading: Africa - Select the best option:


Africa is the second–largest continent after Asia. It also has the second–largest population after Asia. About one billion people live in Africa. That is almost 15% of the world’s  population. There are currently 54 countries on the continent of Africa, when including island countries and the Western Sahara. The number of countries sometimes changes because many of the countries were made by colonial powers. Colonial powers are countries that made colonies in Africa when it was first being discovered by outsiders.

Africa is a rainy place and a dry place. Africa mainly lies within the intertropical zone between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Only the northernmost and the southernmost fringes of the continent have a Mediterranean climate because they aren't located under the tropics. Because of this geographical situation, Africa is a hot continent as the solar radiation intensity is always high. 

There are about 2,000 different languages in Africa. Most of the languages belong to one of four large language groups. The four large language groups are Afro-Asiatic, Nilo-Saharan, Niger-Congo, and the Khoisan languages. People also speak some non–African languages in Africa. About 20% of the population speak Arabic, mostly in northern Africa. About 10% speak Swahili, mostly in southeastern Africa. About 5% speak Hausa, mostly in western Africa. Many people also speak English, French, and Portuguese. One African country, Nigeria, has 250 different languages!

Africa has many natural resources. There are eight oil exporting countries in Sub–Saharan Africa. They are Nigeria, Angola, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon,  Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Sudan. Africa has about 7% of the oil reserves in the world. South Africa is the largest gold producer in the world. Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Rwanda and the DRC also have a lot of gold. The DRC has copper and cobalt. The DRC produces 22% of world’s diamonds every year. Botswana, Sierra Leone, and South Africa also have a lot of diamonds. Mozambique, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, and Liberia all have a lot of timber, which is wood. The business in gas, oil diamonds, timber and tourism is very good.

Many African countries became free after World War II. Some countries became free in a peaceful way. Some countries had to fight to be free. The time after colonial rule is commonly referred to as “post–colonial Africa.” Post–colonial Africa has had some very big problems. After the colonial powers left, there were problems with government. Between 1960 and 1980, there were 70 coups. (pronounced “koo”) A coup is the overthrow of agovernment. There were 13 presidential assassinations. That means 13 African presidents were murdered. In the 1970s, there was a huge famine in Ethiopia. A famine is a time of little or no food. Hundreds of thousands of people died of starvation, which means they died of hunger. There have been wars. There has been a big conflict in Dafur, Sudan, and many people have died. And the AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) disease has caused much sickness and death in post–colonial Africa

The continent of Africa is rich with resources, people and culture. Unfortunately, this has contributed to its chaotic history. Africa is currently working on increasing education and jobs. Many organizations are working together to build schools, hospitals, and industry to improve the future of the African nation.

Taken from

- According to the Reading "Africa", African culture is rich, because

Select one:

a. people like to dance and wear colorful clothes.
b. People have different languages and traditions. It is correct. Language and tradition differences contribute to enrich the culture
c. There are about 900 million people
d. Africa has many national parks popular with tourists.

The correct answer is: People have different languages and traditions.

Question 3

This is a writing question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.

Complete the following sentence with the correct form of the verb.

The ducks are ________ in the lake.

Select one:

a. swam
b. swiming
c. Swims
d. swimming Your answer is correct, this is the correct form of the verb
for present continuous.

The correct answer is: swimming

Question 4

This is a recognition question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.

Where can you see this advertisement?

It might rain tonight?

Select one:

a. In the news. Your answer is correct, here you can find this advertisement.
b. In a drugstore.
c. In the zoo.
d. At the supermarket.

The correct answer is: In the news.

Question 5

Read “Saying and choose the correct answer according to the information presented.

Saying "NO" to bullies!

Bullying is when someone continually insults or hurts you. Many young people are bullied at school. But there are some positive ways to solve the problem.

Tom Cruise, Peter Andre, and Michelle Pfeiffer have something in common: they were all bullied at school. These stars that bullying does not necessarily stop you from being successful, says Kids cape, a children's organization in Britain.

Kids cape has some original ways of stopping bullies. The "bully box", for example, is a box in school where students put notes about bullying. The important thing is to tell an adult about the bully.

Teachers usually learn how to recognize when a kid is being bullied but sometimes schools can't solve the problem. In a recent case in Britain, the police arrested a 16-year-old girl for bullying a 12-year-old girl. The younger girl's mother said the school hadn't solved the problem, which had become very serious. So she went to the police.

But most bullies are stopped by the school or by the kids themselves. At the Martial Arts for Peace association in America, Dr Terence Webster-Doyle suggests discussing the problem openly with the bully. Dr Webster-Doyle teaches martial arts for self-defense, not for fighting. He says that if you know you can defend yourself, "you are not afraid of the other ".

Which of the following titles could be more appropriate for this text

Select one:

a. The problem of bullying Correct: The text gives the reader an overview about the problem of bulling.
b. What a problem!
c. A bullying experience
d. Bullying: How’s guilty?

The correct answer is: The problem of bullying

Question 6

Reading Section

Choose the best option according to the Reading 2 "CHANGING LIFESTYLES":
The past couple of decades have seen the rise of a class of professionals in their 20s and 30s who typically have high disposable incomes and few responsibilities. The rise of women in paid employment and the corresponding increase in disposable income has fuelled the increase in alcohol consumption. Young women -those without family responsibilities- seem best able to fund the habit. The tendency towards "extended youth" -people putting off marriage and children- may well have contributed towards the trend of higher consumption
of alcohol, among both women and men.

Taken from:

What has contributed to the consumption of alcohol?

Select one:

a. Extended youth. Correct
b. Have high disposable incomes. 
c. Couple of decades.
d. Among both women and men.

The correct answer is: Extended youth.

Question 7

This is a writing question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.

What is the correct auxiliary in the following sentence?

_____ the man work in the store?

Select one:

a. D 
b. Does   Correct
c. Are
d. Is

The correct answer is: Does

Question 8

This is a recognition question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.

Where can you see this advertisement?


Select one:

a. In the hospital.
b. In the park.
c. In the zoo. Your answer is correct, here you can find this advertisement.
d. In the school.

The correct answer is: In the zoo.

Question 9

Select the option that best completes the dialogue A: ...........................................................

B: Definitively. I like two or three places around. But my favorite restaurant is CHICO ́s. It is located three blocks from here A: Really. I will check it out with my wife

Select one:

a. I can ́t find any good places to eat
b. Are there any good places to eat around here?  Correct
c. There are many restaurants in this block
d. What is the best restaurant in the city?

The correct answer is: Are there any good places to eat around here?

Question 10 

This is a grammar question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.

Select the words that complete the text correctly.
- Tim is a customer service representative. He reaches people on the telephone to
____(2)_____ them with their banking problems.

Select one:

a. helps
b. helping
c. help   Very good! This is the correct verb form in this case.
d. of helping

The correct answer is: help

Question 11

Vocabulary Section

Choose the correct word to complete the following definition:

It is the season with mild weather when flowers start to blossom.

Select one:

a. Spring Congratulations! Spring is the season with pleasant weather when flowers start to blossom.
b. Fall
c. Summer
d. Winter

The correct answer is: Spring

Question 12

Read the following verbs: Excited, Angry, worried... All these words refer to

Select one:

a. Feelings  
b. Daily Routine
c. Moods  Correct
d. Outdoor activities

The correct answer is: Moods

Question 13

This is a grammar question. Read the prompt and choose the best answer.


These recommendations are. . .

Select one:

a. From a doctor to his patient Corrrect¡ These are the typical Doctor's
b. From a technician to the clients
c. From a boss to his workers
d. From a teacher to the students.

The correct answer is: From a doctor to his patient

Question 14

Choose the correct answer according to the family tree

Select one:

a. Abraham is Bart's grandfather Great! Abraham is his grandfather
b. Bart is Abraham's son
c. Bart is Abraham's nephew
d. Bart is Abraham's cousin

The correct answer is: Abraham is Bart's grandfather

Question 15

Vocabulary Section

Read the options and match the right one with the context below:

You can find this nice place at any city. Here you can walk and get some services, goods or food.

Select one:

a. Supermarket This is right!!!
b. Movies
c. Park
d. Gallery

The correct answer is: Supermarket

Question 16

According to the text , answer the following question:


My name is Paola Bruno and I’m from Venice in Italy. I’m married and I have two children, a son and a daughter. My son’s name is Guido. He is 15. He is tall with dark hair, and he’s good looking. My daughter’s name is Chiara. She’s 21. She’s very beautiful.

My name is Piotr and I’m from Poland. I’m 20 and I have two sisters. Their names are Dagmara and Justyna. Dagmara is 26. She is tall with long blond hair. She’s married. Her husband’s name is Wojtek. Justyna is 19 and very different from Dagmara. She isn’t tall and blond, she is short with dark hair.

Taken from: New English file beginner Student’s book

Who has two sisters?

Select one:

a. Wojtek
b. Paola Bruno
c. Justyna
d. Piotr That’s the answer, he has two sisters, Dagmara and Justyna

The correct answer is: Piotr

Question 17

Recording 1: Actor’s life. According to the situation presented on the recording, choose the correct answer to the following question:

When does Mike have dinner?

Select one:

a. After two days.
b. After his work. Correct! this the right answer to the question according to the listening.
c. After breakfast.
d. After his lunch.

The correct answer is: After his work.

Question 18

Vocabulary Section

Read the options and match the right one with the context below:

Something that is a usual sign of disease in our organism and any person can
start to feel ill.

Select one:

a. Medicine
b. Body
c. Doctor
d. Symptom This is the right definition of a symptom

The correct answer is: Symptom

Question 19
Choose the correct word for the following definition:

He is member of an organized force for maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime and enforcing the laws.

Select one:

a. He is a night watchman
b. He is a sentinel
c. He is a policeman That's correct! A policeman is a member of a police
d. He is a guard

The correct answer is: He is a policeman

Question 20

Vocabulary Section

Read the options and match the right one with the context below:

This is the kind of person who loves to get many things in a mall, from a book, or matches to a refrigerator.

Select one:

a. Runner
b. Supermarket
c. Driver
d. Buyer That's correct!!!

The correct answer is: Buyer

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