" A Small, commercially printed card, usually having a picture on one side and space for a short message on the other"

Who was excellent in different subjects-matters and a famous philosopher as his teacher

"while the teacher was writing on the board, Topby fell asleep. Because the teacher says -_____ a time to be silent and a time to write. But Toby prefers to sleep."

Where was bruce lee born?

In the fourth line of paragraph 2, wich word could best replace resolution?

kelly_____talking a shower when her mobile phone_____.

Who was the apostle which name meant "gift of God"

"a trophy emblematic since 1930 of the worl championship in soccer and competed for every four years by finalist who have won qualifying matches among more than 150 national tyeams"

According to the advertisement, what is the advantage of the copyPros ink cartridge system?

Who influenced in the french revolution with his political philosophy?

Which CopyPro feature does the reviewer complain about?

Which phrase is closest to smudge proof as it is used in the review and the advertisement?

Who provided ideas in the logic?

La bella Napoli is ________ than Pietros

According to the what would be the appropriate option to give advice.
 Take two tablets at nights

Taking into accoun the whole scenario in the image, what can we infer?

What is the meaning of peters name?

All my famyly lived in tjhe country. But we moved from the contry to the city when my yngest brother was born. altohiugh He______ there for some months.

Alfie thinks _____ is the best place to eat pizza

They are talking about the______ piza in london
 Who influenced greatly in the wetern philosophy?

 Different workouts call for the best foorwear

Which title is te most suitable to join the 3 articles?

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