INGLES I : Act 14: Quiz 3

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Grammar section – Unit 3:Expressions of agreement, disagreement and confirmation. 

 Select the best expression according to the situation: 

 A: Barack Obama is from Hawaii 
B: .So is Nicole  She is from Honolulu.    Respuesta Correcta

 TIPO G4 - Unit 4: Describing things and people, Clothing / wearing 

 Read the following sentences and select the one with the right word order: 

Seleccione una respuesta.

 a. They wear long blouses gorgeous pink and blue long. 
 b. They wear gorgeous long pink and blue blouses.
 c. They wear blouses long pink and blue gorgeous. 
 d. They wear long gorgeous pink and blue blouses    Respuesta Correcta

 Tipo V3 - Unit 6: Adverbs of time 

 The correct definition of QUARTERLY is: 

Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. A part of a house or hotel that is rented out as separate accommodation
 b. A period of time every three months Correct: there are four per year     Respuesta Correcta
 c. The military land forces of a nation 
 d. A clock or watch that is operated by the vibrations of a crystal 

 Tipo W1 - Unit 4: Describing people 

 Choose the correct sentence: 

Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. John has black, long hair.
 b. John has long, black hair.    Respuesta Correcta
 c. John has hair long, black. 
 d. John is long, black hair. 

 TIPO V1 - Unit 1: Family Members 

Choose the correct answer according to the picture:

Seleccione una respuesta.

 a. He is my uncle
 b. He is my father
 c. He is my granduncle 
 d. He is my grandfather     Respuesta Correcta

 Tipo R2 - Unit 3: Indefinite A / AN-Present simple: Negative forms 

Adverbs of frequency 

 According to the Reading Swimming with the Dolphins, answer the question. 

What time does Alex get up ? 

 Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. Alex gets up at seven o’clock. 
 b. Alex gets up at 8:00 a.m 
 c. He gets up early in the morning 
 d. Alex always gets up before dawn     Respuesta Correcta

 TIPO V2 - Unit 4: Describing things and people 

Choose the word to which the following sentence referes to: 

a garment made of knitted or crocheted material covering the upper part of the body, esp a heavy one 

Seleccione una respuesta.

 a. T- Shirt 
 b. Sweater    Respuesta Correcta
 c. Cry 
 d. Pants

TIPO V2 - Unit 4: Describing things and people 

Choose the correct word acording to the meaning :

 A brother of my father or mother 

Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. Uncle     Respuesta Correcta
 b. Cousin 
 c. Grand Father 
 d. Father 

 Tipo G2. Grammar section – Unit 3:Present Simple Questions 

 Complete the following sentences with the correct option: 

DO you live in a house or in an apartment?     Respuesta Correcta

Tipo G1 - Unit 2: Singular and Plural Nouns

 Choose the best option according to the picture.

 What does this advertisement mean? 

 Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. People in a concert  
 b. People on the beach 
 c. Children playing with their hands 
 d. People protesting against the war    Respuesta Correcta

 TIPO G3 - Unit 6: Telling the time Based on the given question, 

choose the right option. I’m sorry, what time is it? 

Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. It’s 3:65 
 b. It’s a quarter after three    Respuesta Correcta
 c. It’s midnight before one 
 d. It’s party time 

 TIPO V1 - Unit 1: Professions 

Choose the correct answer according to the picture: 

 Seleccione una respuesta. 

 a. A dentist     Respuesta Correcta
 b. A nurse 
 c. A doctor 
 d. A psychologist 

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